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Death and other things

Sorry for having been away for so long. Work and other commitments did end up taking some priority for these past months, but I am back and ready to continue posting.

I want to share a video today by the British Humanist Association titled “What should we think about death” narrated by the wonderfully talented Stephen Fry.

Death has been a major part of my thought process this past year; I lost a friend back in December, and another friend this past Tuesday. Both were in their late twenties and both passed suddenly, with no warning. 

I had never been to a funeral till this past December, and the shock of another one was no better. Though I can (for whatever reason) remain uncomfortably stoic, seeing my friends breaking down around me and knowing that my own friend is in a casket being buried before my eyes is a lot to take, still. 

What should we think of death though? In both instances, my friends and I have celebrated the lives of our late friends over laughs, drinks, and heartfelt conversation. Truly, they’re not gone, but survived in the hearts and memories of their friends. 

This post is dedicated to them.