16. Apps and Infographs

Today I am going to bring you all an interactive resource and some fascinating information on how to raise happier children.

Thankfully, they are both at the same site!

The first is an app, called Happify designed to inspire and persuade you  to make yourself actively happy. I have been trying it, here and there, and am somewhat noncommittal, but the site does have inspiring testimonials which (though not scientific) are motivating enough to at least give it a go.

The second is an infographic presented by Happify for raising happier children. It goes into detail about the importance of parenting, how much does resilience count for despite broken homes, and how to properly praise a child. Enjoy the double-whammy!


2 thoughts on “16. Apps and Infographs”

  1. One thing we can all use is a bit more happy. Life and debt have made a lot of people jaded, thus anywhere we can extract a bit more happiness is a vital resource to emotional and mental wellness.

    Thanks for sharing a new source!

  2. For some reason, it genuinely never occurred to me–prior to reading that second link–that negative thinking may be a practice that is learned from parents and authority figures. It may seem obvious, but seeing that sort of insight clearly spelled out is helpful in the everlasting process to unlearn the habit.

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